🍒🍒 History repeats itself

🌺There is an explanation in the biography of Ibn Hisham, and what is between the brackets is an explanation: “.. When Ka’b (Ibn Al-Ashraf the Jew) was killed as a reward for his imitation of Muslim women and his flattery against the enemy despite his covenant with the Prophet), the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said: ((Whoever of the Jewish men you find, kill him)).

Muhaysa bin Masoud (Al-Ansari) attacked Ibn Sunaina, a man from among the Jewish merchants who was his companion and pledged allegiance to them, and killed him. (His brother) Huwaisa bin Masoud had not converted to Islam at that time, and he was older than Muhaysa.

When Muhaisah killed the Jew, he made (his brother) Huwaisah beat him and say: What enemy of God did you kill?! By God, there is fat in your stomach from his money!
Muhaisah said to him (decisively): By God, he ordered me to kill him. If he had ordered me to kill you, I would have beheaded you!

Huwaisa said (with astonishment): By God, if he had ordered you to kill me, you would have killed me?!
He said: I said: Yes, by God, if he had ordered me to kill you, I would have killed you!
He said: By God, this is a strange religion that has reached you (and this is what made him realize that Islam has a great influence that proves that it is the truth), so Huwaisa converted to Islam, and that was his first conversion to Islam!

History repeats itself